write 2 papers

first paper 1 page

example of paper 1 is attach

  1. Write a news article headline and article summary (first and/or second paragraph) portraying your vision for your life 15 years from now. The article title and summary should represent what a writer would highlight about your life accomplishment(s).
  2. Imagine this is for a major newspaper like the Baltimore Sun, Wall Street Journal, Black Enterprise or Essence Magazine.
  3. Visualize factual achievements (e.g., number of successful leaders created in the workforce).
  4. Evoke feelings of pride, legacy, and achievement.
  5. Does the article summary reflect a “wow” factor for the future for yourself?

paper 2

example of paper 2 attached

0-10 decade

  • The family of 4 children sharing
  • Able to spell my name improved ability
  • Develop improve handwriting lead my skills
  • Graduated from high school a good student

10-20 decade

  • Middle school and high school good student
  • Learnt English as a second language
  • Moved to the US leaving family behind in Africa painful time
  • Worked at Popeyes and Starbucks (to pay me University tuition)
  • Obtain an associate degree
  • Spent one year in France
  • Dance Passion

20-30 decade

  • Graduated from UDC obtained a bachelor’s in computer science GPA 3.7
  • Traveled to Dubai great experience
  • Pursuing MBA develop managerially and leading

(this is how paper 2 should be 1 page ,my name is samira soumahoro)

Think of events or themes of the decades of your life that defines who you are

Think of things that you are passionate about
What are you good at and how did that shape who you are?
What values did you espouse during that time of your life?
Be creative with your expression of your themes

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