Week 5 Assignment

Evaluating Sources Rhetorically

Purpose of assignment: To locate and evaluate possible sources for use in your final paper.

Procedure: In the previous assignment, you practiced narrowing the scope of your research question. In the discussion for this week, you shared various aspects of the topic you have selected to write about for the final paper. For this assignment, you will find sources that are relevant to your topic and purpose. This assignment has two parts:

Part A: EBSCO Practice

Click here to download a copy of the EBSCOhost practice assignment.

Save the document by renaming it with this naming convention: “EN102_yourlastname_yourfirstname_yourGID”

As you complete the assignment, write your answers on the template (it is a Word document).

Attach this document when you are submitting your responses to this assignment.

Part B: Finding and Evaluating Sources

Search EBSCO to find five scholarly sources relevant to your topic. Evaluate each source in terms of the following five dimensions (see Table 12.3 in Chapter 12 of your textbook for examples):

The creator of the source

The purpose of the source

The age of the source

The venue of the source

The relevance of the source

Most of your answers to the above should be expressed in one short paragraph for each dimension. What you are looking for is a reason to justify the source’s inclusion in your paper. Each source should offer something unique or different. You may compare and contrast the sources with each other to show how they complement each other. The purpose and relevance must be expressed in your own words, not copied from the source or the source abstract.

Format: This assignment does not have to be written in essay format. You may use or modify the format of Table 12.3, or use any other format that clearly lists each source and each dimension. APA Style is not required for this assignment, but you must include an APA Style References page citation for each source.

Submitting the assignment: Attach your assignment as a single Word document or .pdf file. Attach the EBSCO practice separately. Submit the practice and the essay together as part of the same attempt to the W5 drop box.

View your assignment rubric.

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