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  • E-Tronics is a well-established, publicly traded manufacturing company that has been in business for over 50 years. E-Tronics is reviewing a potential acquisition of a manufacturing plant of 120 employees in India. This would be E-Tronics’ first time having a physical operation in India. As part of the review of labor, the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) recommends an environmental scan as part of the long-term planning for the operation. Why is this the best approach to recommend?
  • Bookmark question for laterA new Operations Manager at E-Tronics would like to get a head start on recruiting for an upcoming role that will have key oversight of the new assembly line. He already has one person in mind that he feels will be perfect for the role based on his past experience. As the HR Manager asks more about the candidate, she learns that both the Operations Manager and the candidate went to college together and have been best friends since college. She also learns that they have never worked together before. What is the appropriate guidance the HR Manager should consider?
  • Bookmark question for laterE-Tronics is pursuing the India plant acquisition and is working with current plant management to review all operational details. As part of the process, the plant management that is being acquired is asking for solutions for a way to track all employee data and transactions. What recommendations should the new HR department make?
  • Bookmark question for laterThe Global Vice President of Operations prefers to keep a close eye on things and ultimately have his hand in all processes. He has asked not only to have visibility into all HRIS transactions for the company but that he has approvals on every transaction as well. The complexity of this request is quite high. How should the HRIS team handle the situation?
  • Bookmark question for laterThe Assembly Manager, who has been with the company for only three months, previously came from a small specialty fabrication shop of 20 people. He has commented on doing the upcoming fiscal year’s strategic planning for his department on his own because that was the process he was used to at his previous company. What are the risks of this business leader conducting this review without the HR department’s influence?
  • Bookmark question for laterAt a recent roundtable discussion, the HR Manager heard several employees talk about their goals for internal promotions, further professional development, and the desire to reach higher career milestones. As the HR Manager goes through this feedback, what is the best action she can recommend?
  • Bookmark question for laterE-Tronics is now in place in the India plant. During the job analysis discussion, the Plant Manager recommended to the interim HR Manager that each person be evaluated in their roles because each of their tasks and skills is very different. The Plant Manager feels this will have a personal touch for each employee, which is important. What is important to consider as the interim HR Manager determines how best to support this process?
  • Bookmark question for laterAs part of the process for understanding the current profile of employees, the HR Manager develops a questionnaire for each employee to fill out. The survey asks an array of questions, including items such as language skills, educational background, job history, and personal interests and hobbies. Some concerns have been brought up by employees indicating that they don’t want to share anything personal because they don’t fully understand how the information will be used. How can the HR Manager best respond to concerns of this nature?
  • Bookmark question for laterAs part of the manufacturing site’s Annual Operating Plan (AOP), the business announces a new venture with a sister plant that will bring in approximately 25% more raw materials with the specific task of machining the material in the plant. The senior leadership team is reviewing production and machine capacity over the course of three years as part of increased demand. How can the HR Director best support this new business initiative?
  • Bookmark question for laterOne of the core HR strengths at E-Tronics is the ability to utilize HR analytics and apply them to operational scenarios. One of the most frequent requests is for help in forecasting employment needs. Why is work-load analysis the most accurate way of forecasting employment needs?
  • Bookmark question for laterThe newly appointed plant HR Manager officially starts in India. Her first objective is to complete a thorough HR audit and review details at the site-specific level. While many details are missing, her review reveals that historical turnover trends show over 80% of turnover was caused by involuntary separation. How should the HR Manager proceed?
  • Bookmark question for laterIn E-Tronics’ competitive business landscape, business leaders expect innovative, strategic guidance by knowledgeable experts. The Plant Manager in Michigan has requested that either the HR Manager (whom he trusts deeply) or an outside analyst he knows as an expert provide guidance on the operation’s long-term staffing plan. Why is this approach one of the least effective for planning?
  • Bookmark question for laterA year into the India acquisition, line leaders highlight concerns regarding the staffing levels and the quality output of certain machines. Some machines are running near 98% capacity with many quality issues while others are running at only 63% with barely any quality issues. The HR Manager feels confident there is enough historical data to start highlighting relationships between staffing, machine utilization, and quality control. Why is a regression analysis an effective tool for this problem?
  • Bookmark question for laterE-Tronics has a small plant of only 120 employees in Oregon that has gone through quite a bit of unrest within the last year. There have been three restructures and a lot of turnover due to local competitive pressure. Now that the pressure and the company landscape have normalized, the plant leadership is attempting to forecast staffing requirements for the following year. Among many methods to use, why should the HR Manager be hesitant to recommend the Markov Analysis?
  • Bookmark question for laterBusiness leaders often look to HR for specific guidance on how to staff a business and avoid unhealthy levels of turnover. HR has an increasingly important role in mitigating employee movement during economic downturns, such as in 2008 and 2020, when global markets are in flux and labor markets are directly impacted. How can HR professionals add the most value economic downturns?
  • Bookmark question for laterAlliance Data is a new start-up looking to rival E-Tronics in a highly competitive market. While the company only has 150 employees, business leaders would like to use some of the most recent high tech solutions as a way to get ahead of the game. They recommend to HR to go all in and invest in the best and most sophisticated planning systems available. How can HR best respond to business leaders in this scenario?

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