Using the A Plan Strategy, write a formal business letter formatted in full block style.

Role: Assistant Manager, Seattle Marriott Waterfront

Your Assignment: Using the A Plan Strategy, write a formal business letter formatted in full block style to Jill McCracken, Director of Sales and Marketing. Jill works for Natural Decoration, Inc. in Brewton, Alabama.

Scenario: You just received a phone call from Jill McCracken, who was a guest at your hotel last week. She attended a conference hosted by the Artificial Flower Association. This is the third year that the Association has hosted the conference in Seattle. During the call, Jill advised that she checked out without carefully reviewing her bill, so she didn’t realize that not only had she been charged for her use of the hotel’s Wi-Fi but also for a breakfast that she did not eat. As an attendee of the conference, she was entitled to the free use of internet, but apparently, she had clicked on the wrong connection option each time she used it. She has requested a refund of $84 for the Wi-Fi as well as $18.34 for the breakfast. You have checked your records and confirmed what she said.

BE CREATIVE! How would you respond to Jill to satisfy her needs and keep her as a future Marriott customer?

Natural Decorations Inc. is an actual company. Jill McCracken is fictitious.

-Use 1-inch margins and Times New Roman 12 pt. font.

-Set up the professional business letter in full block style with all seven parts.

-Letter should include all components of the A Plan (format as discussed in class).

-Proofread for spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, spacing, etc.

Doesn’t need to be that long! Just cover all info that is givin

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