Urgent Pls know to use excel and sniffy pro and SPSS

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology question and need guidance to help me learn.

Your experiment must include the
manipulation of at least one independent variable and must be comprised
of a minimum of two groups of Sniffy subjects. A minimum of 5 subjects
is required for each group. You may conduct an experiment that is
covered in the Sniffy manual or you may design your own Sniffy
experiment. Your final report should include a title page, a short introduction,
a method section, a results section, and a discussion of your findings.
Please follow APA paper guidelines for your report. As always, your
report must include a detailed description of the data (e.g., group
means and standard errors). You must provide at least one figure
to illustrate your findings, and report all statistical results
according to APA guidelines. Keep in mind that any figure depicting
group means should also include standard error descriptors.

Your introduction should
provide the reader with the background knowledge needed to understand
and appreciate the question that you are exploring. It should also
“introduce” the reader to the relevant literature in your chosen field
of study. As such, a minimum of 3 references should be cited in your
introduction. Finally, your introduction should include 1-2 sentences in
which you state clearly what hypothesis you will be testing. Your
introduction should be at least two paragraphs in length.

The purpose
of your discussion is to explain the results in more laymen’s terms.
Explain how your findings relate to the “broader picture” that
encompasses our current understanding of learning theory. If you fail to
obtain a predicted result, provide possible reasons why this may have
occurred. A good discussion section will be at least a page in length,
and you must cite a minimum of three references NOT ALREADY cited in
Be sure to include a reference section.

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