Understand how to interpret social structures society using analysis

Understand how to interpret social structures society using analysis

Project Overview

This final project will have you selecting from an approved group of articles pertaining to technology and social change. Your paper will focus on responding to whichever selection you make and the specific criteria outlined in the Project Details section listed below.


A 4-page (minimum) Word document in 12-point font, double spacing, APA citations (including a title and reference page), and utilizes paragraph format with complete sentences. This assignment should also respond to the following questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. Please keep in mind that the length requirement for this paper is 4 pages, but this requirement does not include either your title page and/or reference page. This project also requires the use a minimum of 3 resources that can include but not be limited to the web, and or traditional media such as television news, the newspaper, magazines and or resources from the library.

Project Details

Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Before Writing.

Please choose just one (1) of the following questions to respond to for your final project:

A. Mass consumerism is a major driving force in technology. Video games have become a billion dollar business in American and have created allies and enemies across the social landscape. As the gaming world continues to evolve, write an essay that:

Discusses the role and the use of video games for your generation?

Discussed which technologies do you see as the most dangerous to society in the near future?

B. America is in the midst of simmering and boiling unrest over issues of race and equity. The riots across America spurred by the death of George Floyd are the most recent example of how racial tensions are tearing at our social fabric. There are many issues that have brought us to this place of racial unrest. Systemic racism, over-policing, and a harsh political climate. However, one theory that enjoys wide support, is that 21st century technology (especially social media) has created both the conditions and the platforms to broadcast ideas and gather supporters on both sides of this issue. Write an essay that answers the following questions:

In what ways has social media changed the way people speak about race in America?

How do different social media platforms (twitter, news sites, blogs, websites, instagram) influence how racism is advocated or combatted?

In your opinion, will Americans be able to use technology and social media to heal the rift between people and bring us closer together?

C. Multiple deployments compound strain for children of service members. Many children of National Guard troops fighting in the Iraq war are showing signs of depression. Thousands of soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan are parents with families. Over 43 percent of those fighting have families in the U.S. Many of their children are vulnerable to depression and anxiety due to the multiple deployments. Family stresses due to military service cause a number of problems including abuse, depression, and divorce. “Coping with Their Parents’ War.” Maria Glod Washington Post July 17, 2008.

How are military families different than other families?

How should society invest in children with parents at war?

How is family crisis for war veterans dealt with in the mass media?

Step 2: Begin Writing.

Review the selected option carefully. Make sure you cover all of the questions presented in your paper, and you have answered them all thoroughly and thoughtfully. Remember, referring back to the textbook maybe helpful.

NOTE: Make sure to use quotes, citations and references to support your work. You need to have a minimum of three (3) sources.

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