Tutor MUST have “Chronicles of the Crusades” Joinville and Villehardouin (tr Smith) for 3 page single space essay

Write a 3 page SINGLE SPACED essay in MLA format. Essay should end at the very bottom of page 3. Single spaced. NO PLAGIARISM. The essay should be proofread, spell-checked, page numbered, and in size 12 Times New Roman font. Use quotes and cite quotes properly using MLA format.

The Tutor MUST have Medieval Romance knowledge as well as access to the Joinville and Villehardouin book “Chronicles of the Crusades” (tr by Smith) as this is the only text that you will use for this essay.

Essay Prompt:

Crusade and the problem of providence: What does crusade romance need to believe about divine providence in the world — especially when victory does not fall into the hands of the “correct” victor? Pick a text that grapples with the problem of assuming that God’s will is manifest in human political or religious history. (text is Joinville “Chronicles of the Crusades”)

Professor’s tips for the paper:

1. Make an argument about your topic that you make me aware of early in the paper. Include enough close textual analysis and research to support your claims. Provide logical connections between your points, so that your argument progresses rather than simply listing attributes or repeating itself. Awareness of the consequences and stakes of your argument. The paper should answer the questions of “what” is happening in a text, “how” it manifests (through close reading or other evidence), and “why” it matters.

2. Support your argument with close analysis of textual passages.This is the most convincing evidence you can control in a literary interpretive paper.It will also hone your interpretive skills and draw you into thinking more adventurously about textual complexities that paraphrases and plot summaries are blind to.

3. After you have figured out a cool thing happening in the text that you can analyze, search out implications.Ask (and at least to begin to answer) why it matters, and what is at stake.

4.Use your conclusion not simply to recapitulate your points but also to push at further implications of your argument — even if they can’t be treated in the same paper.Answer the questions not only “what” and “how” but also “why”?

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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