transcript of “Oakland BBQ”

Please open and read the following Instructions document for completing this Transcribing Exercise:

Transcribing instructionsF20.pdf

Remove file

CA transcript *Some instruction highlights appear below, but be sure to read/follow all detailed instructions in the document above.*

Review the sample phone call “Medeiros 1” — listen to the sound file and practice associating the CA transcript symbols in it with what you hear on the call:

Review and use these CA Transcript Symbols (you may copy/paste symbols from this document that are more difficult to find on your keyboard):

Also review this longer/more detailed listing of symbols:

Visit the following website that offers a tutorial on how to use CA symbols (access it using the browser Chrome): (Links to an external site.)

Finally, transcribe the following 911 phone call:

Format your transcript by carefully following all the directions/instructions (listed on the first document above).

Your transcript of “Oakland BBQ” is due

As you work on your Transcribing Exercise for this class, please keep in mind that UNH’s Academic Honesty Policy will be enforced. This policy includes out-of-class work: please note that copying another’s work (from a previous or the current semester) and submitting it as your own is considered to be academic misconduct (plagiarism/cheating), and will result in failure of the assignment or the course.

Your work will be evaluated by assessing the degree to which your transcript displays:

– an adequate grasp of the level of detail it is appropriate to capture,

– a substantial grasp of what the symbols are used to represent, and

– your own, individual best effort to hear and represent this stretch of talk (do not use anyone else’s transcript to inform your own; text matching detection will be used).

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