Topic: multiple sclerosis

Rubric for Special Populations Paper

Description: Choose a special population topic. (Best to confirm with me the topic) Examples should NOT include “typical” special populations like pregnancy or diabetes. Think of someone with a chronic condition that affects them physically or mentally.

What changes would you make to the assessment.? What literature supports this?

Write a paper on HOW you would give that person a fitness assessment with the current needs they have. (this may or may not include eliminating or substituting an assessment based on their needs).

In your first paragraph you should identify your purpose “This purpose of this paper is to identify the accommodations…….”

-Describe in detail the overview of that population

-use the info of a real or “made up” person to use for the paper.

-explain special considerations to remember for this particular client. (medications)

-explain any exercise contraindications for that population (exercises they absolutely should not do or reasons they shouldn’t exercise)

-discuss/identify the clients risk stratification and precautions that may need to be taken.

-Go through each assessment (: bp/hr, waist/hip/, body comp, flexibility cardiovascular endurance testing and muscle endurance) and explain how you would or would not assess that person and accommodations you would make accordingly.

-suggest a beginning workout for that person based on the assessment results. Suggest frequency, intensity , time and type.

– Include at least 8 references mostly from journal articles. APA style

-Double spaced. 12 pt font. Times Roman , headers, numbered pages, hanging indent for references

-At least 6 typed pages of text. Not including cover page and reference page.

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