three questions assignment

CHILDREN’S BOOK ASSIGNMENT – Socialization (Ch. 4)

*adapted from Dr. K. Lancaster’s assignment

Children’s books are used every day in homes, daycares, schools, and libraries (just to name a few places). These books allow parents, teachers, and significant others the opportunity to share messages with children that are entertaining as well as informative regarding how they should behave in society. In other words, they serve as agents of socialization.

For this assignment, you will choose THREE or FOUR children’s book to analyze for content and messages. They must be picture books, intended for a kindergarten through 7-year-old audience (Do not pick baby board books or chapter books).

The assignment will require that you explore the books and their sociological messages.

1.What books did you use? Cite them and provide a brief summary of each story.

2.Address the following questions from a sociological perspective:

a.Who are the main characters? How are they depicted? Make sure to be detailed.

b.What are the stories about? This question is not asking for the summary of the books – instead, you can consider the theme/ the purpose/ the INTENDED message/lesson.

c.What values, norms, statuses, and roles did the stories portray and/or reinforce? Make sure to think about this question sociologically. Your content analysis of the books may reveal societal messages that the authors and illustrators may or may not have intended to include in the books.

d.Did the books provide any race, class, and/or gender socialization messages? If so, what are they? Again, make sure to rely on your sociological imagination and sociological book content analysis to address this question.

e.Any other messages you would like to discuss?

3.Discuss how these books, as well as others, serve as agents of socialization.

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