The assignment is a combination of a Journal Article Review and questions related to the chapter reading in the required textbook.

The process of how physician assistant students develop professional identity in the PA (physician assistant) field.

First read chapter 5 in the textbook. The topic here is regarding the process of how all healthcare students

develop their professional identity related to their healthcare profession. This process is occurring now as a

healthcare student and will continue in the future in healthcare professional school.

Following the same instructions (as in previous assignments) for the Journal Article Review (answering all of

the same questions for the Journal Article Review), you will research and find a peer reviewed journal article

that discusses professional identity in healthcare or the development of a professional identity in your healthcare

field. So, if you are pre-physician assistant for example, you would be searching journal articles related to the PA profession.

Answer the questions for the Journal Article Review portion of the assignment utilizing your journal article.

Also, respond to the following questions related to your reading of chapter five in the textbook; Identity-related

Professional Dilemmas:

1. What methods were used in the study? Describe. How many participants were in the study? Describe.

2. What were the results of the study? Explain.

3. What are the potential biases you detected in the study? Explain.

4. How do you think the results/findings from this study could be used in your healthcare field? Describe and explain.

5. What information in the journal article article do you think would be good content to use in training students in your healthcare field? Describe and explain.

6. What were the three most significant things you learned in reading and analyzing this journal article? Describe each and explain.

7. What were three new and unfamiliar terms (or words) that you learned in reading and analyzing this journal article? These do not necessarily have to be all clinical terms. What are the terms (or words) and what is the meaning of each?

8. In reading the chapter(s) in the textbook, what were the most significant or important things that you learned? Why were these important or significant to you?

9. If the study in your journal article were to be conducted again in the future, what would you change to improve it? Describe and explain your answer.

1. What attributes or characteristics do you think you possess that contributed to your decision to pursue your particular healthcare profession (Pre-physician assistant)? Discuss and explain three different attributes or characteristics that you possess.

2. Do you think that all healthcare professionals possess the same attributes or characteristics? Explain your answer.

3. Why is a professional identity important in healthcare? Explain your answer.

4. Why do you think healthcare professional schools (Physician assistant school) teach content related to the development of a professional identity? Explain your answer.


Type each question and then respond to the question.

Answers should reflect university level thought and critical thinking skills.

Use complete sentences and complete paragraphs.

Responses are in the students own words. Do not copy from the textbook or journal articles.

University level vocabulary is to be used in responses.

Do not list or use bullet points.

Type each question and then respond to the question.

Use double spacing and one inch margins.

Use Times New Roman font (12 point)

List the journal article citation with your assignment.

I have attached an example from my previous assignment to use as a guide for the format and content. 🙂

The journal articel link is:…

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