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I am applying for a teacher assistant position at my school and they want me to answer a couple of questions . I already answered two of the 3 questions, however, I would like to strengthen them up to make me a better candidate, also, i would like them to be edited in a way to stick to the word count next to each question. This is NOT a job position, it is a “student-assistant teacher” position where i can take school credit for being a TA. I would like to focus on the idea of me being passionate in education and i am capable of making a difference in a student’s educational journey .

Here are the questions:

Please describe any prior teaching or tutoring experience. (2000 words)

ANSWER (NEEDS EDITING): I tutored General chemistry I, General Chemistry II, and organismal biology at my community college (Grossmont College) for two years. The tutoring process included helping students with developing proper studying skills that can help them have a better understanding of the course material, with that being said, extensive explanations and illustrations were incorporated within my duties as a tutor. Part of my job was to assist them with their homework and assignments through helping them with approaching the questions and break them down in order to determine the answers themselves rather than giving them the answers.

Why do you want to be a Teaching Assistant/Reader/Tutor/Undergraduate Instructional Apprentice?
Please write a brief description of why you wish to gain teaching experience (3000 words)

ANSWER (INCOMPLETE AND NEEDS EDITING): Besides my genuine interest in teaching, I am confident enough that I truly can successfully make a difference in the student’s experience with my attained educational skills. There are way too many students in a lecture hall at UCSD, and professors tend to go fast due to the shortness of the quarter system; hence, there is nothing that motivates me more than being a major part of reducing student’s confusion and give them the opportunity to get all the help they need in order to attain better understanding of the course material. My passion for teaching makes me enthusiastic to hold discussion sessions and office hours; moreover, I would like to devote the instructional and communication skills I have been developing for the past years teaching to help instructors by building and emphasizing on their lectures, as well as students to provide them with adequate understanding of the course material.

Please enter any comments or describe any special circumstances or requests that Division of Biological Sciences should take into consideration when evaluating your application.

I DID NOT KNOW HOW TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION, i would like you to answer it in a way that would make me a better candidate.

Thank you very much

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