Tactical Anthropology

1) I want someone who has read the book Tactical Anthropology: A Practical Guide for Emergency and Disaster Response in Culturally Complex Communities, ISBN-13: 978-1-3888-276-49, by Grey, M. & Devlin, M. (2018).

2)answer the following questions regarding the scenario described below. Write one short paragraph as an answer to each question.

SCENARIO: You are employed at a state public health department in the Office of Minority Health in Florida. You are a member of a cultural asset team that has been developed jointly between multiple state agencies to meet the needs of special populations during large-scale disasters. The state is expected to be hit by an unprecedented Category 5 hurricane in four days in Miami. In order to prepare for this humanitarian crisis, you must provide an oral briefing to the director of the state public health department with basic, urgently needed planning information. For your briefing, you must prepare a document with notes for yourself that contain the following key pieces of information that will help in planning for this disaster:

a. From a race and ethnicity standpoint, who are the primary populations in Miami, Florida? What are the demographics of these populations in terms of approximate size? What percent of the population of Miami lives below poverty and may need special assistance as well? Do diverse and underserved populations in the city tend to live in certain neighborhoods that can be identified ahead of time, or are they spread throughout the city? You may use tables to show this information if you prefer.

b. In addition to English, identify at least four other leading languages that are commonly spoken in Miami that will likely require interpreters and translators.

c. Using internet search engines, identify at least two leading Spanish-language radio stations and two newspapers that might be able to assist in emergency messaging regarding the hurricane. Also, what strategies would you recommend to the public health department to use for hurricane messaging for low-literacy populations?

d. Using internet search engines or other sources, identify two non-profit organizations that serve specific immigrant or refugee populations in Miami that might be helpful to collaborate with for hurricane preparation and relief. Also identify two leaders from local minority, refugee, or immigrant communities in Miami that you think the health department should contact as potential partners in getting key public safety information out to the populations they represent. Why did you pick these specific non-profit agencies and community leaders?

e. In addition to public health agencies, what other kinds of general health organizations and NON-health care organizations should the state health department work with to ensure the safety of diverse and underserved populations during this emergency?

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