SUNY College at Brockport Idea of the Environment Preservation Poem

For this assignment, you must emulate Jason Bredle’s poem “Hell” in the following ways: READ the Attachment First use as guide Please

1. The title must be an abstraction, as “Hell” itself is an abstraction.

2. Everything in the poem, nouns and verbs, must be concrete and idiosyncratic and proper. Note: Bredle employs a lot of proper nouns. Absolutely no abstractions. None whatsoever except for one. See below.

3. Your poem should be one who goal is to create a LITANY of DEFINITIONS for the ABSTRACTION. You will want to use anaphora at a point or two or several Let’s say your abstraction is peace. Your title and anaphora will be peace.

4. Your poem MUST BE single-spaced. Not double-spaced.

5. It must be be between one to two pages long. No more or no less. I won’t grade it if it is either of those things.

6. The last word of the poem must be the antithesis of the title as Bredle does: Hell=Love. So: it should be the only word in the body of the poem that is an abstraction.

7. I should be completely surprised by the definitions. Think of Bredle. He does not have a devil with pointy horns and a pitchfork. Your grade will decrease each time I see a definition that is what I’d expect.

8. The poem must look like Bredle’s poem. Do not make the lines shorter. They almost always indicate to me a lack of time spent doing the assignment.

9. You must strive for absurd comic humor--like Bredle.

10. Elongated sentence structures should be used.

11. Do not rely on describing gross things. No moles or blood or burps or ugly people or farts or puke or weird growths or jokes about fat people. Do not do this. It is beneath you. They’re all boring. Write about places no one has ever seen before. Who knows? Maybe even another galaxy? Surprise me.

12. I will allow you to have two typos. Anything beyond that will result in a 5 point deduction for each typo.

To conclude, the more your work looks and behaves like a Bredle poem while lending your own individual stamp to the poem, the better you’ll be.

Please follow each point I bolded. Every bolded part will be graded with intensity. Instructor is grading on perfection and make the poem interesting as well. Allow it to resemble the poem I’ve attached but better. Make up one don’t make it exactly identical. But you should understand the point. Thank you so much!

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