SPT 200 Final Project One

Organization : New Orleans Saints

  1. Answer the following question in your paper: To what extent does your chosen organization exhibit a healthy financial position, effective communication strategies, and a data-driven approach to sales and marketing?Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:I. Introduction
    1. Explain your interest in your organization and why you chose it, addressing its appeal both to you personally and to a wider audience. Forexample, you could explain how your organization exemplifies wider trends or issues in the field.
    2. Create a basic profile of your organization and the business environment in which it operates. Be sure to include enough detail to be able to useit as support in the rest of your paper.


C. Identify the organizational mission and goals, explaining how they relate to the details in the basic profile you created. You will refer back to these throughout your paper.

  1. Financial Position
    A. Explain the historical and current financial positions of your organization. Provide examples to illustrate.
    B. Identify any untapped revenue streams that your organization might consider, discussing any relevant legal or regulatory considerations. Citespecific evidence that supports your position.
    C. Devise reasonable cost-saving strategies that your organization might employ, discussing any relevant legal or regulatory considerations. Citespecific evidence that supports your position.
  2. Communication Strategies
    1. Describe the media strategies that your organization currently employs, including any presence it has on social media. Provide examples toillustrate.
    2. Explain any ethical considerations your organization takes into account in its communication and media strategies when promoting the brand.Cite specific evidence that supports your position.
    3. Detail how your organization engages in outreach with professional networks and with fans, including how it promotes volunteerism bothinternally and externally. Cite specific evidence that supports your position.
    4. To what extent is your organization building professional networks? Cite specific evidence that supports your position.
    5. To what extent is your organization engaging fans or encouraging internal and external volunteerism? Cite specific evidence that supports yourposition.

IV. SalesandMarketing

  1. Describe the overall approach your organization takes in marketing its products and/or services, focusing on how it employs relevant data pointsin its decision making. Provide examples to illustrate.
  2. Identify your organization’s key consumer demographics, describing how they are targeted in marketing efforts. Be sure to include how the datasupports this targeting.
  3. Provide your organization’s sales or other fundraising goals and determine how successful it has been in meeting those goals. Be sure to use thedata to support your conclusions.

V. Conclusion
Overall, based on your analysis, how would you characterize the health of your chosen organization? Cite specific evidence that supports your position.

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