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Instructions: Final assignment Paper: Open those 3 attachments pdf you will find all information you need to do this final assignment.

The purpose of the final paper is for you to integrate your site experiences with what you have been learning in the DCRS program.

Since the practicum sequence is a student-driven and student-centered activity, progress lies with the student. Substantial progress will be measured by how well the student has synthesized and demonstrated identifiable substance, theory, and process applications at the practicum site and systematically examined and presented their efforts and findings in written form. This paper serves as a final summary of the internship experience with relevant attachments demonstrating the work accomplished during practicum and your reflection on the experience. In essence, you are expected to provide tangible evidence of the execution of the Learning Contract and your growth as a practitioner.

Structure and Organization

The paper has 5 distinct content sections, and each part should be listed as such. In addition, there should be a list of references and Appendices.

Excluding the appendices and references, the paper should be 10-14 pages with font size 12pt, single-spaced. The paper must follow the APA style for in-text citations and references.

I. Introduction

Covers: Information about the practicum site and an organizational chart.This is where you will talk about your site: name of the site; address; site supervisor’s name and title; what the site does, i.e., a little about their history, how they are organized, etc. You should include an organizational chart.

II. The learning contract and how you have fulfilled your goals.

Covers: Presentation of the goals within site and how the goals are met. You will attach as an appendix a copy of your learning contract. If, since your submission of the learning contract, you have changed your projects, activities, or focus within your site, you will want to include your original contract and an amended (new) learning contract. You will refer to the contract(s) in this section and explain your goals within the site, how you are meeting them, and what you are doing to meet them.

III. Activities within the site

Covers: A narrative rendition of one or more experiences/activities you believe are good examples of your work at the site. It is an opportunity for you to tell the story of your experiences, your thoughts, how you were impacted, etc.This is a narrative of some of the experiences within site. For example, you may want to describe observing a mediation, what was happening, what you learned, what steps you took to debrief, etc. You are not expected to recite everything you did in this section.

IV. Connection between the academic and experiential learning

Covers: Relate your experiences in the site to what you have been learning academically in the DCRS program. You may include theories/theorists, other information and ideas covered in classes you can relate to your site, etc. Please properly credit authors, professors, and other sources

Practicum 1Summer 2021 Dr. Zanko(follow the APA style). You may also distinguish and contrast what you found different in the site from what you learned or expected.

V. Conclusion

Covers: your conclusion about what you experienced this semester.

List of References

Must use APA style.


Appendix A. Original learning contract and modified/amended one, if applicable.

Appendix B. Copies of what you did: training you designed, field notes (activity journal/log), manuals you worked on, etc.

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