Social Emotional Learning, Self-Management (easy!)

Question 1 (1000 words)

Assume that you are writing an essay addressing the following topic: Emotional intelligence
helps the elderly to have better psychological and physical health. Discuss.
(Note that you are
not actually required to write this essay.) Next, imagine that you have been conducting a
literature search on the topic and have found the following article.

Galdona N., Martínez-Taboada C., Etxeberria Urdaneta E., & Aldaz.E. (2018). Positive aging:
The relationship between emotional intelligence and psychological, social and physical
wellbeing. Journal of Gerontology & Geriatrics, 3, 9-11. (attached)

Your task is to critically evaluate this article in terms of its contribution to your essay topic.

You will be assessed on how well you can
– identify information of the study that are relevant to the essay topic, and explain why
they are relevant
– conclude by evaluating what the study has and has not achieved, relative to the essay
topic (Examine the strengths and limitations of this study and provide concluding remarks on its support for the essay topic.)

Question 2 (1000 words)

Watch this video on Stop Family Violence – YouTube and answer the following questions:

  1. Self-management is the social emotional competency that is lacking in the husband.
    Define this competency and from the video, describe TWO (2) instances in which it
    showed evidence that this competency was lacking. Provide reasons for your answers

  2. Suggest one method for the husband to improve on his Self-management competency.

  3. As a mediator, you suggested the following skills to help resolve the conflict for the
    couple. For the skills, you need to define what they are and explain why they are useful
    in this conflict situation.

    1. (i) Empathy
    2. (ii) Problem-solving
    3. (iii) Compromising

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