Soc 3230 Diversity and Adult life

    • Please include the question(s) before answering.
    • Be sure you have used all of the materials available to you for Chapters 6-10 to complete this assignment.
    • The finished assignment should be detailed and thorough.
    • The finished assignment should be free of any spelling or grammar errors.
    • The finished assignment should have a minimum of four paragraphs (for reference, each paragraph should have 5-10 sentences minimum) for each Chapter’s question(s). In other words, Chapter 6 should have a minimum of four paragraphs, Chapter 7 should have a minimum of four paragraphs, etc.
    • Do not expect to receive full credit for only doing the bare minimum.
    • You will not receive credit for this assignment if more than 20% of the assignment is being flagged by ‘Turn it In.’
    • This assignment is worth 100 points.

    Please complete the steps listed below in order, to complete this assignment with the most success. Step 1: Read Chapters 6-10, watch any videos associated with Chapters 6-10, examine any other references or resources I have provided for Chapters 6-10.Step 2: Answer the following question(s):

  • Chapter 6: What affect does family structure have on late-life relationships and support systems?

  • Chapter 7: What are some advantages to sexual activity in late life, and what are some things that hinder sexual activity in late life?

  • Chapter 8: Explain at least three reasons for job discrimination against the elderly, including myths about older workers and studies that counter these myths?

  • Chapter 9: Discuss unequal access to “the good life” among the nation’s elderly, the advantages of senior discounts, and how these discounts illustrate the need to ease the financial burden on the elderly.

  • Chapter 10:Discuss a minimum of three changes that can occur late in life, which may affect/impact living arrangements for an elder person.

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