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Please respond to the following question:

If you were designing the Interpersonal Assignment, would you keep it the same or would you design it differently? If you would change it, describe what changes you would make? (Keep in mind that the goal is to create interaction between students, so changing it to be an independently done project is not a viable option) should b 260 words

below is the interpersonal assignment

Interpersonal assignment

1.As a team, choose an interpersonal communication topic mentioned in your text.

2.Review the information in the text on the chosen topic. Discuss your agreement or disagreement with the author’s conclusions. Explore your own, and other’s, personal experiences that relate to the topic.

3.Next, contact the library and find an article from a scholarly journal (preferably produced by a communication, psychological, or sociological organization) that directly relates to the subject matter. Also find at least 3 additional sources from books and/or popular magazines. Look for credible sources.

4.Compare and contrast the information from all sources. Do they support or contradict each other? Was there information from any one source that you feel should have been included in the others? Address any issues you believe are relevant. Give your opinion of the information in each of the sources.

5.Using your sources, create a 6-8 minute oral presentation discussing and analyzing the concept from the textbook, the journal, the videos, and personal experiences of the team members. Be sure to include the conclusions you have made. A correctly compiled list of references is required. You may present this either in speaking or PowerPoint form, which you will upload to YouTube. Do not use google as it requires a sign-in.

6.All aspects of the research and construction of the presentation should be shared equally by both

members of the interpersonal team.

7.After the presentation each team member will be required to complete a self-evaluation and a peer evaluation. The evaluation forms will be given to you on the day of your presentation and must be turned in prior to the next scheduled Module. The peer evaluation will allow you to grade your partner on his or her helpfulness on the entire project. The evaluations will be averaged with the earned grade.

  1. Grading for the assignment will be as follows: (1) presentation and reference list – 50 %, (2) evaluations – 50%. The entire presentation is worth 15% of your class grade.
  2. The presentation can be recorded to YouTube as a live presentation, or as a power point presentation with voice over.

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