Research Humanities topic then Prepare five total slides 4-6 minutes total.

Open the Making Connections PowerPoint Template and prepare five total slides to accompany your oral presentation of approximately 4-6 minutes total. Throughout your presentation, your narration should include additional information about the work in your own words, not just the data on your slides. The slides are a jumping off point for your analysis and insights.

My topic is

  • Slide 1 will include the name of your work, your name, and the name of your instructor.
  • Slide 2 should focus on presenting the basic factual info and description of the work itself. Find an image that represents your work (as well as a source image credit). Include the required basic factual information required by the template.
  • Slide 3 should focus on considering the work’s cultural context. To whom was this important or significant when it was created? Another way to think about this is to consider what its purpose was at the time, who would have known about it, enjoyed it (or not), what meaning it would have had individually or culturally, or similar lines of inquiry.
  • Slide 3 should focus on contemporary significance. What have you found about what people today think about the work? In what contexts is it still of interest? What does this work tell us about who “we” are as human beings, and/or what does it allow us to understand about a time period distant from our own? What does this work tell us about where “we” have come from? What are some contemporary human needs, values, cultures, and/or global ethics that came to mind as you learned about this work?
  • Slide 4 should feature your Works Cited page in MLA format.

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