Research Argument paper-04

My research topic is : Should US government help reduce children obeisty ?

Need on outline, one bibliography and one at least 3000 words research argument paper. This essay must be at least ten (10) double-spaced pages long, but should not exceed twelve (12) pages. Do not use a title page. Your Works Cited or Bibliography does not count toward the page count. Your font should be Times New Roman. No funny business with spaces, etc.

Step 1: Create an Annotated Bibliography.
–> Your annotated biblography should have a minimum of twelve (12) sources. –> Of these, at least 6 must be scholarly sources (either peer reviewed journal

articles or academically-sound books—popular interest books or journalism don’t count. –> No more than two standalone websites will count toward your total. What do I

mean by “standalone?” Well, if there is an academic journal that happens to publish their issues online, that wouldn’t be considered a “website.” If you have questions, ask.

–> Each annotation must begin with a correctly-formatted citation of the source. Then you’ll write a paragraph or two or three (at least 125 but probably not more than 300 word). In this text do the following: a) provide a brief summary of the overall argument of the book or article or chapter, then b) explain how it is relevant to your paper topic, and how you plan to incorporate it. Look at Beacon Learning under Unit 1 for an example annotation.

Step 2: Outline of the paper

Step 3: Research Argument paper, at least 3000 words count, at least 10 full pages.

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