Religion Question

QUESTION: Please examine the role that gender plays in the work of Carol Christ and Alice Walker. How do these authors’ attention to gender–and other elements of identity, if relevant–shape their portrayal of the divine, their consideration of divine power or presence, and/or their response to social inequality and violence? Please make sure to engage with specific passages from your author’s work and discuss their implications.

Your essay should:

  • Be about 4 pages long, double spaced. Please use a 12-point font and standard margins. If you need an extra page, that’s okay.
  • Articulate a specific thesis that makes a descriptive-analytical claim about one or more ideas that your author(s) advance. (Please don’t focus on your own normative claims about the nature of God, the self, or suffering.)
  • Analyze specific passages from the authors’ works, including short quotes from their works. Whenever you include a short quote, make sure you also discuss the significance of that quote for your argument. Don’t leave it to stand alone.
  • Focus on specific points of comparison, if relevant, observing similarities and differences in the way your writers approach the question.
  • Include citations for all direct quotes. You should also include a citation when you are paraphrasing an author’s ideas and restating it in your own words.

Please focus on analyzing and discussing the sources we have read in class.Do not do additional internet research.

Citation Instructions: You may use short form parenthetical citations, giving the author and page number or line number, like this: (Christ, pg. #) or (Held, line #).

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