Reading articles, watching video and answer the questions

write minimum 100 words for each question (total around 900 words)

– you will find attached all the required materials

– Johnson Reading’s question should be in chapters 3 to 8 of this book, maybe.

– The fourth question requires a link to the website of this information.

1. Why, according to Johnson, is it more important to study systems of privilege than individual privilege? How do social systems work?

2. Can someone “give up” their privilege? Why or why not? Why do people who have privilege often have strong resistance to statements proclaiming their privilege?

3. What are the consequences of individualism and individualist thinking on privilege and oppression?

4. You need to consider the fact that Johnson’s book is indeed relevant to today’s sports issues in your archive. To do this, find the appropriate archive for each of the tips below and post it. Make sure to also describe the item you want to publish and how it answers specific archive topics.

Archive A – How do we use individuals to “get off the hook”? Find an archive that reflects one of Johnson’s mechanisms that we use in society to “get off the hook.

Archive B – Find an archive that reflects the three characteristics of systems of privilege as outlined by Johnson. How does this item reflect the three characteristics of privilege? Try to work through each characteristic by explaining the ways in which your chosen example fits within each characteristic.

Archive C – Consider the ways in which social class, as epitomized in a Capitalist society, intersects with other identities. What are some examples of this intersection? Post an archive that relates to this intersection.

5. Why is it important to consider whiteness (i.e. critical whiteness studies) as a structuring force behind racism?

6.What is white fragility and why does it exist? In what ways does white fragility exist within sporting structures? How does white fragility hold racism in place? Can you think of examples from the sporting world?

7. Dr. DiAngelo says that the common definition of racism (that it is always individualized, conscious, and intentional) is problematic. Why is this?

8. Thinking about your desired career post-Adelphi, can you consider how the three levels of the “white savior industrial complex” exist within this field? What can you do to subvert this complex?

9. Part of the reason Native American mascots have endured so long with minimal scrutiny, is that they represent an image of Native Americans from a white lens. Thus, I think it is an appropriate topic to breach during a week on “whiteness in sport.” Certainly, this summer has found a shift in the discussion of Native American mascots (look no further than the Washington Football Team). For this archive, I want you to consider why we are seeing this shift away from Native American mascots with U.S. sports. Why has it taken this long and what in particular has shifted in the narrative? To do so, do some research on recent news articles discussing this issue. What themes come up and what are the organizations (i.e. Washington, Cleveland, etc.) saying about this? Post at least three articles discussing this topic in order to do so and write your explanation to the above questions. What are your thoughts on this?

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