Read the “Narrative Visualization:Telling Stories with Data” then apply the principles to the article from usa today.

Read Edward Segel and Jeffrey Heer’s “Narrative Visualization: Telling Stories with Data.” Here is the URL spelled out: Apply the principles Segel and Heer discuss to the visualizations listed below.

  1. Heer and Segel note that data visualizations often contain narrative elements; that is, they tell a story. Choose one of the visualizations I link to below and use the narrative concepts and principles Segel and Heer point out to show how your choice of visualization does or doesn’t develop a story.
    1. This USA Today interactive graphic shows how in the recent presidential election Donald Trump flipped certain counties (concentrated in the northern Midwest) that had voted Democratic in the two previous elections:
  2. Segel and Heer note that a story must have a series of causally-connected events and a beginning, middle, and end. Other elements of narratives include a conflict that requires resolution. Listed below are some of the graphic tools visual narrative developers use to tell a story. Analyze one of the visualizations listed above to show how well or inadequately it tells a story. You don’t need to address all of these elements, but take up those most applicable to the visualization you select.
    1. How does it use spatial proximity or connections to advance the storyline?
    2. How effective are the transitions?
    3. In what way does it provide callout boxes or annotations to guide the reader’s comprehension?
    4. How does it use visual highlighting, color/shape/text, and timelines to link a continuous story together?
    5. How well does it show a timeline, change over time?
    6. In what way does it show features of being author driven or reader driven?
    7. What genre of narrative visualization would you call it? Why? (Segel and Heer take up genres at the end of their article.)
  3. Point to specific elements of the visualization when you give examples. Don’t be satisfied with vague generalizations.

2-3 pages double spaced

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