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Personal Socialization Assignment

CD 131: Child-Family-Community

The purpose of this assignment is to assist you in recognizing the external influences (family, community, peers, and school) that affect your journey towards adulthood. This is vital because our histories shape whom we are and where we are going. Without a conscious exploration of what makes us “us” we may not have an awareness of why we believe and act the way we do with the children and families we work with. This assignment may be difficult for some because it asks you to reflect back on your life and consider the people and events that helped shape the person you are today. None-the-less, it is an important exploration.

When writing the assignment carefully follow the guidelines below. Use the headings listed to organize your paper. All references to the text book or other resources must be cited. When you submit your paper, the instructor only will have access to it. Confidentiality will be respected.

I. Definition (1-2 paragraphs)

Define socialization. Include the process of intentional and unintentional socialization in your definition. Give a personal example of each.

II. Short Autobiography (1-2 pages)

Give a detailed description of who you are: How old, where you were born, who you grew up with, what schools you attended, activities you participated in, personality characteristics, current job(s)?, and your goals for your future. Essentially this is you in a “nut-shell”.

  1. Agents of Socialization (minimum of 5 paragraphs)

Who and what were the agents of your socialization? Under the heading agents, describe in detail who was part of your socialization process. You are not yet saying what they did, but describing who/what the influences on your upbringing were. You should include information for each area:


-School and Non-parental Care



-Community (Religious organizations, community organizations (little league for example) as well as the set-up of the environment (safety level, access to resources such as hospitals, etc.)

  1. Methods of Socialization (minimum of 6 paragraphs)

In this section you will first define each method of socialization (cite source). Then you will describe how you were socialized with each of these methods. First focus on the “big picture” of what you remember and then give a specific example of how this method was used with you. At minimum, you should have a paragraph for each method of socialization.



-Observation and Imitation



-Apprenticeship Methods

  1. Aims of Socialization (minimum of 4 paragraphs)

Look at yourself today. How did/or didn’t your socialization process help you with the following aims of socialization.

Provide a paragraph description for each that outlines where you think you are at in the process (of developing a self-concept, empowering achievement, etc.) and what the strongest influences on this process have been. Where appropriate, state what the particular aim of socialization means to you. This is important. Make sure you have solid reflections for each.

  1. Develop a self-concept
  2. Empower achievement
  3. Acquire appropriate social roles
  4. Implement developmental skills

VI. Reflection (minimum of 2 paragraphs)

Reflect on what you have learned from the personal socialization assignment. How do you think you might use this information in your work with children (professionally or with your own)? What pieces of your socialization do you want to pass on? What things would you like to do differently?


Grading for this assignment will be based on

  • Definition (5 points)
  • Biography (20 points)
  • Agents of Socialization (30 points)
  • Methods of Socialization (30 points)
  • Aims of Socialization (30 points)
  • Reflection (10 points)

Note: Your paper will be read by the instructor alone, and the information provided kept in the strictest of confidence (unless you are under 18 and report being abused). Use this as an opportunity to help you become the best person you can by self-examination. Depth of insight will be taken into consideration while assessing this paper.

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