The purpose of this paper is to familiarize you with critical issues and ethical concerns in the mental health field specially as those pertain to social work, social justice, equity, human rights, and diagnoses using the DSM-5. You will write a 5-7 page paper on a new, controversial, or otherwise “cutting edge” approved topic concerning a particular diagnoses and relevant “Hot Topic” issues surrounding that diagnosis.

Your paper must include five scholarly, peer reviewed, scholarly sources such as journal articles.

A “Hot Topic” is any new or controversial issue that social workers, psychologist, counselors, etc are currently discussing and/or debating, and in this case, related to a specific diagnosis or diagnostic category.

Examples of Hot Topics:

* Bipolar Disorder and Children

* Depressive Disorders and Grief

* Dissociative Identity Disorder Real or Unreal?

* Reactive Attachment Disorder in Child Welfare

* Personality disorders in adolescents and children

* Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in African Americans

* Substance Abuse, Gambling, and Gaming: Life choices or mental health disorders

* Eating Disorders and Men

* Racial Identity and Depression

* Alcohol Use Disorder and College Students

The Research Paper should include the Following:

  1. Definition and description of chosen diagnosis.
    1. Definition: How does the DSM-5 describe the particular diagnosis? Has this changed from previous versions of the DSM? Are there alternative definitions in the literature or in the DSM-5?
    2. Characteristics of Presenting Behavior/Primary Symptoms: What are the majors features of this diagnosis?
    3. Etiology: What is the case of this illness/disorder?
    4. Prevalence: What are the prevalence rates? Are there differences based on particular characteristics (culture, gender, age, etc.)?
    5. Age of onset
    6. Treatment options: Briefly describe major treatment options that are most commonly used to treat this disorder?
    7. Outcome: What is the life like for a person living with symptoms of this diagnosis? Does a person with symptoms of the disorder experience any challenges?
  2. Please provide a clear description of the “Hot Topic” research information.
  3. Discussion of the chosen diagnosis in light of the “Hot Topic” research information.
  4. Include a discussion on the implication of your findings in terms of social work practice.
  5. Conclusion: Do not forget to provide a summary of the paper.
  6. Reference page(s),

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