Psychology Question

Design a therapy group for a population of your choice. Use the questions below to structure your paper. This is an essay paper.

Length: 4-5 pages, double space, 12 font, Times New Roman

Some research may be necessary if you are unfamiliar with the population, issues, etc., however, research is not required. If you use references, please cite them using APA style. You may need to move some of the questions/responses around to better organize your paper. See the rubric for more details This is an essay paper, so do not answer in a Q&A. Q&A papers will be given an “F”.


1.What population would you like to design the group for?

2.What are your reasons or rationale for providing a substance abuse group with this population?

3.How do you know this population needs a substance abuse group?

4.Will the group be long-term or short-term and why?

5.What is the cultural, socioeconomic, and gender mix of the group and why? How do you see this impacting group dynamics?

6. Is membership voluntary or involuntary? If some or all members were mandated, how would you address this?

7.What are the goals of this group?

8.What are the requirements for membership?

9.What are your qualifications for leading this group?

10. How many group members will be in the group? How often does it meet? Will the group be open or closed?

11. How will you prepare members for the group?

12.What will be the structure for the group?

13.Will the group use activities? If yes, which activities would you use and why?

H How will you know when a client is successful with your group and ready to leave?

15. When and how will the group end?

A rubric is available in the Syllabus tab. It it labeled rubric-group design paper.

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