PSY cognitive Psychology Lab


Final Project

In Week 1 you began with choosing an experiment to complete. Over the last several weeks you have been working on your project in preparation to complete the work for this week.

Your project should adhere to the following guidelines:

For the main sections, it should have:

  • A title page
  • An abstract (not more than 250 words)
  • An introduction
  • A literature review
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion or conclusions
  • References

Introduction: This should be one to two pages in length. The introduction provides a brief overview of what will be covered and the purpose of the research.

Literature review: The literature review is taken in part from what you researched from the scholarly journal articles. It is a synthesis of the material you found into a cohesive review of the literature on your chosen experiment.

Methods: This section provides information on how the experiment was conducted.

Results: The results section should explain your finding in the experiment in detail.

Discussion and conclusions: The difference between a great research paper and a marginal one is the depth and originality of the discussion and conclusions section. This is where you bring together what you have learned through your research as well as through the course regarding your topic in the concluding remarks of your paper. The discussion and conclusions section should be one to two pages in length.

From your course textbook, Cognitive Psychology: Connecting Mind, Research and Everyday Experience, (4th ed.), read the following chapters:

  • Chapter 12: Problem Solving
  • Chapter 13: Judgement, Decisions and Reasoning

From your course textbook, CogLab on a CD, read the following experiment:

  • Remember/Know
  • Decision making

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