POWER BI(Business Intelligence) PROJECT 2021

Have to answer these question and save it on the uploaded file.

1. In the table Dataset: Create a new column named % of Grand Total by using the appropriate Expression to divide the Total Units by the SUM of the Total Units. Format the new column as percentage, 2 decimals.

2. Create a new measure, named Sales in $, which multiplies the Units Sold, from the Dataset table, with the Unit Price, from the related Product table. Format this new measure as Currency, 0 decimals.


In PowerBI:

Create a new Report.

On Page 1, create the following visualizations:

1. Table Visualization: Add the following fields to the table: Country, Units Sold, % of Grand Total. Format the Table Visual: Font: Segoe, Size of Data Values: 15 pt, Column Headers: 14 pt. Adjust columns as required to show data.

2. Clustered Column Chart Visualization. Add the following fields to the chart: Country and Units Sold. Format the Data color: #ec8fca, Theme color 5, 40% lighter.

What is the total Units Sold for all countries? ( write these answer in different page, name answer shorts)

3. Apply the following Filter to the Page to show the values for the following countries only: Australia, France, Thailand, USA.

4. Change the name of Page 1 to Habibi.

What is the total Units Sold for the 4 countries? , What is % of the Grand Total for the 4 countries? , Which of the 4 countries has the highest total Units Sold? Which of the 4 countries has the lowest total Units Sold? (write these answer in different page, name answer shorts 2)

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