Policy Question

What contemporary legal issue concerning women would you most want to bring before the Supreme Court of your state, your country, or the United Nations?

———— I was thinking gender pay gap

You will write about an issue and argue it “before the courts” for your final project in this course. I will be the judge, jury, justices, etc, but your audience is any of the aforementioned. Papers will be a literature review of existing research that argue for specific legal and social change concerning an issue or your own choosing. Through this assignment, students must accomplish the following:

1) Establish the issue at hand

  • What is the legal topic you will be discussing?
  • What background information should the courts be aware of?
  • Be brief about history, but if it’s important, include it!

2) Make an argument

  • What kind of change will you be arguing for? Why?
  • Who will this affect the most? Why is this important?
  • What are the reasons and motivations behind your argument? Strong and bold claims make big waves.
  • This is your “thesis” — something strong that ties all of your project together.

3) Suggest change, make recommendations or declarations

  • What changes to the law(s) do you propose?
  • Which laws should be changed and how?
  • Perhaps you are arguing to keep a certain law or legal standing as is?
  • Who will carry out these changes and how?
  • Think through logistics and be SPECIFIC
  • Writing criterion:

  • 2000 words minimum (about 8 pages), excluding headings, page numbers, citations
  • 1-inch margins, 12-pt. font, Times or Times New Roman
  • You must have at least 10 total academic, peer-reviewed scholarly references in your final project
  • You also need to have at least 3 news/pop-culture references in your final project
  • Papers must be submitted to Canvas as .doc or .docx formats
  • Formal citations list and in-text citations required for all projects (APA, ASA or Chicago Style citations)

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