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We will be comparing generalizations
gradients obtained from two different experimental groups. The first
group (S+; n = 10) will be reinforced for bar pressing during the
presentation of a 2 kHz tone stimulus (S+). Any bar presses made when
the S+ stimulus is absent will not be rewarded. The second grou (S+/-; n
= 10) will be trained on a two-tone discrimination task. Bar presses
made in the presence of a 2 kHz tone (S+) will be reinforced. Bar
presses made in the presence of a 2.25 kHz tone (S-) will not be

The issue we will be exploring
concerns the extent to which bar pressing behavior comes to be
controlled by sound frequency. After all 20 rats are trained, we will
obtain generalization gradients, which will show the amount of bar
pressing as a function of auditory frequency. Two aspects of each rat’s
generalization gradient will be noted. First, we will want to know the
sound frequency that results in the greatest number of bar presses.
Second, we will want to measure the “specificity” of frequency coding.
Frequency specificity is related to the steepness of the generalization
plots — the steeper (narrower) the plots, the greater the specificity.
In class, we will discuss possible ways to objectively measure frequency
specificity in our data. We will also discuss possible ways to
statistically analyze our data.

Your report should include a title
page, a method section, a results section, a discussion section, and a
bibliography. Please follow APA paper guidelines for your report. When
writing your method sections, I would like you to “pretend” that you are
using live animals in all of your experiments. In some of your projects
(including your first one), you will start by opening the “ShapeBP”
file, which is a saved session for a rat that has been shaped to bar
press. In your method sections, therefore, you can start by saying
something like, “All rats were first trained to bar press for food
reward.” In addition, when writing your method sections, be sure to
include all the procedural required for another researcher to replicate
your experiment. Your report must also include a detailed description of
the data, including all descriptive and inferential statistics
performed. For this project, you must provide a figure showing
generalization gradients for all animals, as well as average gradient
plots for both experimental groups.

The purpose of your discussion
is to explain the results in more laymen’s terms. Explain how your
findings relate to the “broader picture” that encompasses our current
understanding of learning theory. If you fail to obtain a predicted
result, provide possible reasons why this may have occurred. A good
discussion section will be at least a page in length, and you must cite a
minimum of three references Included in your discussion should be at
least three citations of other work that substantiate your results or
your theoretical arguments. Be sure to include a reference section.

For grading, a 10 point system broken down accordingly:

Title Page – 0.5 point

Method section – 2 points

Results – 2 points

Figure(s) – 1 point

Discussion – 4 points

Reference List – 0.5 point

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