Please answer all questions.

Read the abstract and introduction of Swenson and colleagues’ (2016) study “Parents’ use of praise and criticism in a sample of young children seeking mental health services” in Appendix A in Polit and Beck textbook pp. 329-345 and Beck and Watson’s (2010) study “Subsequent childbirth after a previous traumatic birth” in Polit and Beck textbook Appendix B pp. 347-362.

Answer the following questions specifically about Appendix A in Polit and Beck textbook pp. 329-345:

  1. Did the article follow a traditional IMRAD format? (2 sentences)
  2. Where does the introduction to this article begin and end? (2 sentences)
  3. Was randomness used in this study? Explain your answer (2 sentences)
  4. Was blinding used in this study? Explain your answer. (2 sentences)
  5. Comment on the possible generalizability of the findings. (2 sentences)

Answer the following questions specifically about Appendix B in Polit and Beck textbook pp.347-362:

  1. Does this study seem thorough and up-to-date? Did it include major studies on the topic? Did it include recent research? Explain your answers thoroughly. (6 sentences)
  2. Is this a primary sources of a research reports? Explain thoroughly. (3 sentences)
  3. What was the central phenomenon in this study and was it adequately covered in the literature review? (3 sentences)
  4. Did the study critically appraise and compare studies? Explain thoroughly. (4 sentences)
  5. What keywords might Beck and Watson have used to search for prior studies? Explain thoroughly. (2 sentences)
  6. Did the study identify important gaps in knowledge? Explain thoroughly. (3 sentences)
  7. Was this study well organized? Explain thoroughly. (2 sentences)
  8. Is this study objective? Explain thoroughly. (3 sentences)
  9. Did the study strongly support the need for the study? Explain thoroughly. (3 sentences)
  10. Did the study draw appropriate conclusions about practice implications or its worth to practice? Explain thoroughly. (3 sentences)

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