Phonology Rules and Processes Analysis homework(Almost finished)

For this assignment, you are required to do some research on the rules and processes in a language of your choice. (Western Persian, I’ve done some basic research already shown in the doc attached)

Follow the following steps and improve my attached doc file.(Mostly what you have to do is only to finish STEP 5 which I did not)

1. Have a title

Do NOT include a separate title page.

2. Be in the form of a report

It should be written in prose (i.e. not point form).

It should have a (brief) introduction and conclusion; it should not start or end abruptly.

It should explain the information presented in the charts/tables/data; it should not assume the reader knows the significance of the charts/tables/data.

3. Briefly give the phonemic inventory of your chosen language (as in Assignment 1)

This should simply be a list of segments; you do not have to put it in a chart this time.

The segments should be in IPA transcription; the segments should be contrastive/phonemic.

4. B riefly give a summary of syllable structures that are permitted in the language (as in Assignment 1)

Your summary should clearly state what can and cannot go into the nucleus, onset, coda, and rhyme of a syllable.

You do not need to give examples or evidence: just a clear statement of facts.

5. Give the details of phonological processes found in your chosen language.

o These can be allophonic processes, neutralization processes, and/or segment~zero processes.

o If you work alone, you must write about 1 process.

o If you work in a group, you must write about 2 processes.

5a. Give a summary of each process in prose.

Summarize which segments undergo the process, what they change into, and the environment in which they change.

Comment on the naturalness of each rule/process.

5b. Write a formal phonological rule to account for each process.

Your rule must use features, even if the process only involves a single segment.

5c. Give examples from the language that serve as evidence of each process.

o clearly show which segments undergo the process and which segments do not (i.e. justify the features you used in the target of your rule)

o clearly show the environments that the process occurs in and the environments where it does not (i.e. justify the features you used in the trigger of your rule)

All language data should be presented in IPA transcription and include the translation.

All transcriptions should clearly indicate whether they are phonemic or phonetic (i.e. show the differences between phonemes and allophones).

6. Include a list of references

In the body of your report, you should clearly indicate the source of all your claims or data.

You should use APA style for your reference list and in-text citations.

Your reference list should start immediately after the end of your report; do NOT purposefully start it on a separate page.

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