PHL2130: RESOLVEDD Case Study

write about 1000 words based on the instructions

The RESOLVEDD decision-making strategy is a nine-step method for coming to a decision about hard ethical cases.

RESOLVEDD Method.pdf

Also reference the attachments. Pages 3-7 cover the Dax case study – This youtube video was also referenced in the study materials:


1. R Review the facts of the case.
• What are the details?
• What is the background or history?

2. E Estimate (specify) the conflict or problem present in the case.
• What is at issue or at stake?

3. S List main possible solutions to the case.

4. O State important and probable outcomes or consequences of each solution.
• What will happen?
• What is likely to happen?
• What might happen?

5. L Describe the likely impact of each main solution on people’s lives, and on the interests and concerns of entities (i.e., institutions, organizations, companies, governments and states), as well as nonhumans and the environment.
• Who will be benefited?
• Who will be harmed?
• Who else will be impacted and how?

6. V Explain the values upheld and those infringed by each main solution.
• Refer to relevant moral principles, e.g., honesty, harm, fidelity, autonomy, confidentiality, lawfulness, equal consideration of interests;
• Characterize salient moral rights, e.g., knowledge, privacy, life, free expression, due process, safety, property;
• If relevant, include consideration of the interests and rights of future generations.

7. E Evaluate each main solution in terms of outcomes, likely impact and values upheld or infringed.

8. D Decide which solution is best, state it, clarify its details, and justify it.

9. D Defend the decision against objections to its main weaknesses.

Use this method to analyze and reach a decision about the best course of action in one of the following cases:

(1) The Donald (Dax) Cowart case (pp.3-7) (Choosing This One, more reference material available)

, or

(2) The Tarasoff case (pp.104-109).

In the first case, the main question is whether or not Cowart’s repeated requests to receive no further medical treatment should have been respected. In the second case, the main question is when, if ever, a therapist (or other healthcare provider) should set aside patient confidentiality.

Make sure you consider the case you choose in light of some of the moral theories and principles we have discussed in the class.

How much you write about each step in the method is up to you, but you should write a minimum of 500 words in total. Type up your analysis, with each step clearly numbered

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