One page memo

  • First Read the case.
  • Assume the role of upper management presenting their recommendations to the Board of Directors. You are to focus exclusively on the problem and the recommendations you suggest remedying the problem Provide the best possible, most logical and well justified solution(s). Do not offer a list of possibilities; instead offer a prioritized list of best possible actions.
  • You will submit a typed one-page, single spaced analytical memo of the case. In the memo, you will assume the role of management presenting your recommendation to the Board. Please use the following format for this assignment:
  • Case name
  • Your name and date
  • Key issue or problem
  • Recommendations that address the problem. Number each recommendation, as many as you feel are appropriate and write a thoughtful paragraph detailing each recommendation.
  • Write a second paragraph, immediately following the recommendation, that provides the support and rationale for your recommendation.
  • You may write up to 2 pages if you feel warranted but please do not exceed 2 pages.
  • REMEMBER: Your recommendations must answer the key issue.

In 2012, in the small mountain town of Boone, North Carolina, an entrepreneur launched a premier coffee shop called Local Lion. Boone was both a home to a state university and a popular tourist destination and Local Lion provided a unique coffee experience. This experience included responsibly grown coffee, homemade doughnuts, and locally made artwork and jewelery; however, customers were heading to the recently opened outlet of the global coffee chain Starbucks. The Local Lions owner wondered what he could do to preserve his business and retain his current customer loyalty. What options should he explore?

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