Need to write a research paper. This one is gonna be a final draft. I’m done with 2000 words, requires 1000 more words.

Assignment: You are required to write a research paper that identifies a local or global issue and proposes a reasonable and efficient solution or course of action (the more focused your issue, the easier the essay will be to write). The topic for this research paper is fairly open, although it should pertain to your major or future career in some way.

The research topic should also be arguable and be supported with at least ten academic sources (not including image sources). At least six of the ten sources need to come from academic journal articles or books (from the USF library); the remaining four sources can be more of the same or other academic sources (do not use Wikipedia or study websites).

You can expect to write a project proposal (minimum 200 words not including quotes), compile a 10-item annotated bibliography (minimum 2,000 words, including citations), write multiple drafts plus a final draft (3,000 to 3,200 words, excluding the references page), and compile a references page. You’ll be using APA style format (including a cover page and abstract) and documentation. Please note that additional assignment guidelines will be posted for the proposal and annotated bibliography.

Your audience for this paper is a group of friendly, well-read strangers. Ninety percent of those strangers are at least ten years older than you, and all of them are as smart as you.

Throughout this project, you’ll develop a thesis and offer an analysis of your topic, supporting your claims with published, authoritative information.

Minimum number of visual pieces: 2 (these should be included in your final draft and cited according to APA style; these sources will be in addition to your core ten academic sources).

Format: The final version must be formatted according to APA guidelines. Please use 1” margins and 12 pt. font (Times New Roman or Ariel preferred). The final draft must be submitted electronically via Canvas as a MS Word document or a pdf file (do not email your document).

Grading: This entire project is worth 76% of your final grade.

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