Need to Identify a leading health indicator (LHI) from Healthy People (HP) 2020 that can be addressed by a health promo

writ a paper Identify a leading health indicator (LHI) from Healthy People (HP) 2020 that can be addressed by a health promotion project or program. Include the following information in a professionally written paper:

oWhy the LHI selected

oThe significance of the LHI

§Include mortality / morbidity statistics related to the LHI.

The progress that has been made on the selected topic area.

Describe how the data to determine progress were collected.

oInclude information such as survey questions and reported data

oThis information can be accessed from the HP2020 website.

o Click on “Latest Data” from the HP2020 LHI topics website

oMidcourse review data can be found at…

oDescribe how the data were analyzed.

Conduct a literature review to locate peer reviewed articles related to programs working toward meeting the selected HP 2020 LHI.

Summarize the findings from the literature review.

Have any policies been implemented to improve the LHI?

oIf so, name the policy and state its primary objective.

Report government and non-government programs addressing the LHI in your state.

oDescribe 1-2 programs that have been implemented to achieve the selected HP 2020 LHI.

oIs/Are the program(s) government or privately funded?

oInclude the goals of the program(s).

oDescribe any services the program provides.

oWhat / who oversees the regulatory / accreditation aspect of the program(s)?

State the effectiveness evaluation criteria for the program.

Report the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the program(s) based on the selected criteria and the evidence.

oWas sufficient evidence available to determine effectiveness? What evidence is missing to determine the program’s effectiveness?

oDescribe strengths of the program(s).

oDescribe limitations of the program(s).

oWhat gaps exist in the services that are being provided and services that need to be provided to prevent/treat the condition targeted in the HP2020 LHI?

Include suggestions / recommendations for programs to address the HP 2020 LHI.

oWhat programs or initiatives that are not available in the selected city/state/nation would you recommend be developed?

oConsider: Are programs available in all sectors of the selected city/state/nation (consider rural vs. urban)?

oAre there other disparities in access to services?

How can you advocate to improve LHI results in your state?

Other paper requirements

At least five references in addition to the HP2020 and HP2030 websites are required.

APA format required.

Use appropriate headings in the paper.

Title page required.

Abstract required.

Table of contents required.

Grades will be determined by criteria outlined in the assignment grading rubric

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