Music Theory Question


This is Music Theory Paper, Expertise needed.


You must answer a set essay question provided by your lecturer. Your essay must include relevant musical examples (such as score excerpts, transcriptions, and/or references to recordings) which support your main argument.

This essay must include a bibliography of at least 10 sources. At least 6 of your references must be sources other than websites. (Oxford Music Online and articles from databases such as J-STOR are permitted as sources, Wikipedia is not). Your submission must be laid out according to the AIM Style Guide. You will lose marks for poor presentation, grammar and incorrect referencing.

Please note: Your submission must not be built on an assignment you have previously submitted (self-plagiarism). If self-plagiarism is identified, your actions will incur penalties as outlined in the Student Handbook. Consequences include a request for resubmission and penalty, or worst case, an automatic fail grade.

You can choose one topic from the four given.

And here’s details about them:

It depends on the question you’re doing. For Questions 2 and 4, you can just look at any particularly relevant aspects (harmony and structure being two important factors). For Question 3, whatever aspects allow you to examine the extramusical content, which will vary depending on lied choice. For Question 1 an overarching approach is best.


Must use piece analysis, for example, harmony, structuure,etc.

Means that you must analyze the piece.

  • Duration
  • Dynamics
  • Harmony
  • Melody
  • Structure
  • Texture
  • Timbre


Here is musical analysis guide.…


No matter which topic you choose from the four given, the musical analysis with the piece being screened and put into the essay must be used.


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