Module 05 Discussion – Find an Example of Walk Cycles in Animation

A character’s walk is one of the best indicators of their personality, current state of mind, and physical condition. A walk cycle clues us into whether or not they’re a hero or villain, young or old, rich or poor, being sneaky or being kind, and so on.

Search online for a walk cycle or clip of walking for one of your favorite animated characters. You DO NOT need to find original walk cycles of famous characters. In fact, it’s better if you don’t, but, instead, find other student work interpreting how that character might walk.

For example, you could find a “Pink Panther” walk cycle test here: or a walk cycle test of “Finn from Adventure Time” here:

Do not use the two above examples. You can find plenty of different walk-cycles on your own.

In your initial post, provide the link to the walk cycle you found and in two to three paragraphs, explain:

  • How does their walk define who they are?
  • What about their personality is showcased in their walk cycle?
  • Are any areas of their physical appearance strongly defined by their walk cycle and movements? How so?

Before posting, make sure you’ve chosen a unique character to analyze. If someone else has already posted about that character, please choose a different one.

For your reply, on the assumption that the walk cycle is a student like you, learning to create a walk cycle, discuss in a couple of paragraphs what about this animation doesn’t work. Consider the principles you’ve studied this term: stretch and squash, slow in/slow out, overlapping action, secondary action, and so on. Essentially, you’re looking for parts of the animation that could be improved.

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