MKT 221 Discussion Activity 2


In this module we learn about the role PR plays in influencing attitudes and opinion and what preconceptions society brings to new information. Think about how you know what you know. Have you researched your political or religious opinions? Or do you believe what you believe because your parents or friends believe it too? Have you gathered facts on a political figure or controversial subject or do you just “know what you have heard.” Do you seek out news channels and outlets that report opinions different from yours to get new perspective or do you watch the same channels or YouTube personalities you already agree with?

Part I

Please find the due date for this part on the Course Summary on the Syllabus page.

Post a 250 – 300 word entry in the discussion forum. Please include the following in your post.

  1. Discuss the phrase “People are persuaded in terms of their own experiences.”
  2. What have we read in Chapters 1 – 4 that explains and underscores this phrase?
  3. How do you think it influences public relations?

Please cite the textbook AND one outside source other than the text book following the MLA style (Links to an external site.). Include your reference(s) at the bottom of the entry.

Post your initial response to the discussion forum titled “Discussion Activity 2.”

Please note: This is a post forum. You have to post your own initial post first in order to see the posts in the forum.

Part II

Read the initial discussion posts by other students in the class and post at least ONE well-written response to one of your classmates. Your entry should contribute something substantive to the discussion. Remember we are not discussing the pros and cons of a political or other belief, but how the public arrives at their opinions and how we as PR people can inform and present ideas so we can give consumers information to make buying decisions, vote or otherwise act. Please respond to a classmate who has no previous feedback if possible.

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