The question is to draw a series of dataflow diagrams for the hiring process within Human Resources described in this narrative:

XYZ Inc. is a software firm with about 1000 employees. The Human Resources (HR) manager maintains employee records and also is responsible for hiring new employees. Prospective employees may apply at any time. Each application is retained for one year and then purged. Software development team managers send a job description listing required and desirable qualifications to the HR manager whenever they have a job opening on their team. The HR manager compares the qualifications for the job opening with those in the applicant pool and then schedules interviews between the team manager and a small number of applicants. The team manager sends evaluations of the candidates’ interviews to the HR manager, who makes the final hiring decision after checking the interview evaluations and candidate applications against the job qualifications and then sends an offer letter to the selected applicant with a copy to the team manager. The selected applicant accepts the job by signing and returning the offer letter at which point the applicant’s information is added to the employee records and is removed from the applicant pool.

Your dataflow diagrams should be complete and follow the rules for DFDs (i.e., they should be logically and technically accurate). They should be laid out in a format that is easy to read.

The series of diagrams should include context and level-0 diagrams plus a level-1 diagram for one process (of your choosing) in the level-0 diagram.

You should use MS Visio to draw the diagrams

– Include 3-5 Processes in the Level-0 Diagram

– Include 2-3 Data Stores in the Level-0 Diagram

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