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NewYork University’s Nutrition Club will be hosting a food drive for the Children’s Rehabilitation Services and ites in Oct

The Children’s Rehabilitation Service is a statewide organization that helps children with special needs though rehabilitation, medical, and educational support services.

They employee dietitians, occupational therapists, audiologists, speech-language pathologists, physical therapists, social workers, nurses, and physicians to provide exceptional care to the children.

The supplies will be sponsored by the Nutrition club and those donated will help everyone who works in the clinic.

“The CRS is an organization that addresses issues with children who have childhood and feeding needs,” said Natalie Barrows, a junior exercise science major from Alabaster, Al and president of the club.

“They have 17 or 19 locations all over the state and they supplied us with a wish list of things that they need and we help supply them with those things that makes what they do easier.”

Natalie said that the Food drive is an opportunity for students to make an impact by getting involved in school and also learning more about nutrition.

“Our whole passion is giving students a kind of outlet to learn more about nutrition but to also get more involved in these programs that a lot of college students don’t know about,” she said. “Usually, we partner with the Cancer Research center, and we are able to kind of help them with supplies or we do a food drive for either the School Kitchen,” she continued. “I think that it’s a great way for college students to do something and also gives them an outlet to do something especially now that we’re suffering through classes. We are also able to help people.”

Other departments and student organizations has also been involved in providing materials to be donated to the clinic.

“It is literally like the whole community coming together,” added Barrows. “And we really hope a lot of people will be willing to help because it really is an important ministry and service to help these children out.”

Some other items to be donated include blankets, high tables, booster seats and baby food items.

Anyone interested in participating can send donations to the Kinesiology department in Wright Hall, Room 209 before 5pm on October 2nd.

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