Management Question

Present the OCEAN results in table form(RESULTS ARE ATTACHED IN WORD FILE). Analyze results of what “surprised – not surprised” you and how you think these results affect your ability to respond to changes caused by the pandemic.

Finally, what steps can you take to improve areas on your self-assessment?

1,500 words NOT including Table.

Clear, accurate (English grammar) writing. Succinct and to the point (use bullets). Critical thinking is shown about the results and impact.

You are marked using the following marking rubric.

35% Comprehension

Content shows a clear understanding of the assignment and what is expected.

45% Critical thinking

Critical thinking means presenting far more than just a repetition of facts or knowledge. You must show that you are showing “critical thought” by at times questioning the results of the OCEAN by using evidence-based counterpoints, questions that logically expose a missing point, and/or showing how one fact or set or events connect to other facts and events. Short, EXAMPLES from your personal or work life that speak to the results are encouraged.

20% Formatting / sections

APA MANDATORY: 7th Ed. APA is followed and then expanded on within REFERENCES PAGE.

COVER PAGE: Has name of class, your name and student number, name of assignment, name of professor, date of assignment.

TABLE OF CONTENTS includes the key content and associated page number (do not put into a separate bordered box),

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (abstract). Maximum 250 words. This must quickly and succinctly state what the assignment is about and the key findings.

INTRODUCTION: Provides a concise background to, and the importance of the topic.

RESEARCH FINDINGS: All key research findings answering WHAT is discovered including any connections among findings (not analysis). Table and charts etc. must have a number and title.

ANALYSIS & IMPACT: This shows your concise understanding of the importance and application of the research findings, WHY results are what they are.

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