make a recording preparation PPT project management class

16 slides ppt also need a reading form,easy work, i will send professor’s PPT template to you.

You are required to deliver a 20-25 minute (depending on the size of the group) presentation of the project analyses and progress to the class during the seminar. The presentation will take place during the seminar session in week 6.

The presentation should cover the following areas:

1. Provide an initial project narrative, including an overview of the project, the purpose, concept and design of the project, the rationale behind, the target market and planned outputs.

2. Conduct a SWOT/TOWS analysis to establish the business case of the project and develop an effective project strategy

3. Evaluate the feasibility of the project using TELOSS framework

4. Produce a scope statement including a WBS for your project

5. Discuss the various interests of your stakeholders and how they are being managed

6. Identify the major or possible resource conflicts and discuss how 7S framework has been developed to address them

7. Produce the network diagram and indicate the critical path

8. Develop a risk management plan for the project

9. Provide cost estimation and financial appraisal for the project

10. Report on the current progress and performance of the project with sufficient supporting evidence, evaluate its implications on the second half of the project and discuss adjusted plans (applicable to Live Project only).

11. Individual contributions to the project as well as the presentation

Group Presentation Format:

Form groups of 5~10 students (depending on the case/project – please follow the instructions of your seminar tutor). Each group has to produce PowerPoint slides to assist the presentation and all group members are required to present. The group presentation should be no longer than 25 minutes.

This is a group project and it is your responsibility to set up and manage your team. You need to submit a contribution list along with your coursework specifying each member’s contribution to both the project and coursework.

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