Intro and theme one

Tasks of this assignment:

Imagine that the audience for this assignment is your immediate supervisor, who has assigned you the task of writing a literature review that will help your organization design a program or establish policies connected to your issue. At this point, your immediate supervisor knows a little about this topic, but she is unfamiliar with the key issues/thinkers/problems related to the research on your topic.

  1. Write a roughly 4 page paper that includes:
  • A brief introduction (about 1/2 page) that states your research question and has a thesis that identifies the two most significant themes shared by a majority (if not all) of your research studies. The thesis should also explain why readers should care about what you are writing.
  • An incomplete section (identified by a subhead) that explores how the findings in one of your themes converge and/or diverge. Use your chart to help you figure this out.
  • The subhead of this incomplete section should be called either Theme One: X (X being the theme you have identified)
  • This incomplete section should include at least 5 of the 10 research studies evaluated in your literature review.
  • This incomplete section should use APA in-text citations and avoid patchwriting and plagiarism.
  • NOTE: This incomplete section is being identified as incomplete because you will be writing it before you have read all of your research and because what you are turning in for this assignment will be much shorter than what you turn in for your final paper.
  • An APA style reference page that includes the sources discussed.
  • At the beginning of your paper, add a “Dear reader” letter that is about 1/2 to 1 page long. The “Dear Reader” letter will help me give you meaningful feedback. Please answer the following information in your letter:
    • What are the strengths of your rough draft? What are the problems of your draft?
    • What were the challenges you encountered writing your draft?
    • What is your thesis?
    • If you had 2 more days to write this draft, where would you focus your attention?
    • What questions are you asking about your draft that you want to make sure I answer?
  • Even though this goes at the front of your rough draft you should write this last.

You have to use this 5 articles together to write the paper and five of them about the same topic. School shooting

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