Interactive Project of risk management

Risk Assessment Interactive Assignments: For your Risk Assessment Interactive project, you’ll have to select one of the CSB cases.

We can use a different CSB investigation and video: Xcel Energy Company Hydroelectric Tunnel Fire

CSB investigation and video simulation is available here:

Use the attached Risk Assessment tools, it is acceptable to submit an example with different tools. You’ll have to create and submit two different files. I would suggest, you work on both files simultaneously. The first one is a Word file that summarizes the project and what went wrong. Provide at least one-page description. Use your own words to summarize your analysis. You have to state the problem, identify at least five hazards and perform risk assessment. Also, provide your opinion about the control options. Was the PPE a sufficient control option?

Suggested format:

  1. Problem statement
  2. Hazards identification
  3. Risk assessment

Based on the ALARP concept, is the risk acceptable?

The second file will be the completed Excel file with the identified hazards and risk assessment. Your goal is to identify five (5) hazards, record them on the JHA form. After that, transfer the identified hazards to the PHA form. Next, use the provided (5×5) risk assessment matrix (RAM) to identify the highest ranked risks. You can enter severity and probability rankings using the drop-down menu. The risk level will be automatically calculated, and color coded for your convenience. The risk levels are hyperlinked to the PHA form. The values will be automatically transferred to the PHA form. The first row in the PHA form is completed as an example. You can use it as one of the risks or modify it.

For your convenience, a risk heat map is provided for visualization. The hazards (HAZID) are hyperlinked to the Potential Hazard and HAZ short name cells in PHA form. You’ll have to enter the rankings for severity and probability (5×5 scale). Risk Heat Map tool will provide visualization of the level of risk.

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