Implementation plan for capstone


    1. DO-Write one sentence describing the goal or purpose of the project in client-centered terms. It WILL be a statement describing the change you hope to make – for example, “The purpose of this project is to increase the participants’ awareness of the role of a healthy diet in preventing heart disease.” This purpose will be used to facilitate demonstration in examples for each section of Implementation Plan listed below.
    2. Don’tThis will not be a statement of what you plan to do – for example, “The purpose of this project is to teach people how to eat healthier.”
  • Objectives: these are what you want participants to do, know or think as a result of participation in your project.
    1. DO– Develop at least 3 objectives for your project. These must be specific, measurable statements of what you expect your participants to learn or to do as a result of your work using the SMART format(see your text pg 395)
    2. Ex- At least 75% of participants will be able to correctly identify @ least 3 low sodium foods from a list of foods by the end of the presentation. (keep in mind that this objective suggests that you will need to measure KNOWLEDGE OF LOW SODIUM FOODS BEFORE AND AFTER presentation to see if there is a CHANGE in AWARENESS/KNOWLEDGE. )
    3. DON’T- “The participants will know what sodium foods they should avoid.”
  • Content– You must include enough information so that someone else could teach your plan
    1. DO– Include the information that you would be sharing. This is information that should be from the literature and EB resources that you will be citing within the matrix as appropriate. The citations will let your campus based faculty know what sources you relied on for development of the content. For this example regarding the purpose statement associated with healthy diet and heart disease you would include content covering the sodium content in foods and include a citation for the information you are providing. BE SPECIFIC. The CONTENT should come from one of your identified literature sources or some evidence based source- like the AHA or CDC.
    2. DON’T– Don’t just list “High Sodium Foods”
  • Method– this strategy should come from something you learned in the literature review and/or something you create. Be sure to include the source for any content that you are using from the literature to develop your methods section. NOTE that you may refer to information from the articles used in your lit review AND also utilize information organizations like the American Heart Association, American Lung Association, etc. Identify Planned-Change Strategy that aligns with each Method (see p. 400 in text for review of this content).
    1. DON’T– limit your Methods to discussion, power point slides or a poster that you share with the group. You may NOT use a poster as part of your methods UNLESS you have a group smaller than 10 participants. Otherwise, it is difficult for all participants to SEE the poster.
    2. DO– Perform a health literacy assessment for EACH piece of written material that you create and plan to share with participants. Copy your document and paste it into one of these 2 sites: OR Additional Resources for how to write easy to read health material and assessment of documents are in the link provided.
    3. You MUST include the results of this readability assessment with each document that you plan to use. You may copy/paste the results from the calculator page and include in the submission to your campus faculty. In general, materials should be written at a 7th or 8th grade level for adults.
    4. DO– Include information about what you plan to ask, suggest what you will do if no one participates. For this example you might involve having people read nutrition labels to identify Na content.
  • Evaluation– you will need to consider health literacy, vision issues, size of the room, size of the group, etc. when you develop your evaluation plan
    1. DO involve some PRE Assessment of what the participants know BEFORE you start the presentation if your plan focuses on changes in knowledge. The format of this will vary based on age group AND what you are trying to assess. This might be something like a Myths/Facts, True/False or Multiple Choice Sheet that you develop to align with EACH of the objectives/content/methods. If you are in a school setting, it would be great to create a tool to evaluate baseline knowledge and have the participants complete it before the actual presentation day.
    2. DO make sure that your PRE & POST assessment documents ask the same questions.
    3. DON’T limit your evaluation after the presentation to whether or not participants answered questions or took part in the activities. This is good info to note but should not be the only method of evaluation.
    4. DON”T depend on group participation as a method of evaluation. This is good info to note but there will always be people in a group who don’t actively participate so you can’t be sure that they “get it” or if you changed what EACH knows.
  • Ethical & Social Issues
    1. DO– Describe EACH of the ethical issues and social issues that may influence your selected health problem or behavior based on the information you collected and the conclusions you drew from the data analysis. Include a discussion of how these issues have impacted the design of your project.
    2. Ethical issues are concerns related to the ethical principles of beneficence, autonomy, privacy, confidentiality, and social justice/equality.
    3. Social issues are related to family and community social norms and the environment.
  • Reference List-
    1. DO- Include a Reference List of at least 5 references that you used to develop your plan. These references may include but are not limited to: government websites (CDC, AHA, ADA, WHO), clinical practice guidelines (, Healthy People 2020.
    2. DO use APA format for your citations

    You will have to do a simple presentation and pre/post simple test for the audiences Examples are uploaded

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