I need two articles on chil 11A regarding teaching?

1- Subjective Versus Objective

Learning how to carefully observe and then write a useful anecdote starts with knowing the difference between a subjective description and an objective description. Carefully read the section in the text that refers to narrative observation records and pay close attention to Figure 5.2 (9th edition) or Figure 5.3 (10th edition – pg. 159). Make sure you know the difference between Subjective and Objective.

Post: For this post you will need to locate a short video clip on Youtube (www.youtube.com) that focuses on young children (Please make sure this video is appropriate.)

Here’s an example of the type of video clip I am looking for:child playing in sand

Choose your own video clip and watch it. Post a SUBJECTIVE observation full of personal opinion, judgment phrases, etc. Be sure to give the link to the video clip you used.

This assignment supports course learning outcome 2 and student learning objective 8


Best Practices/Favorite Theorist

To prepare for this post please read the chapter assigned in this module. Then I would like for you to choose your favorite theorist from those listed in the textbook. Next I would like for you to do further research on this theorist…such as online, articles, etc.

For your POST:

  • What theorist did you choose and why?
  • What additional information did you find out about him as a person?
  • What additional information did you find out about his theory?
  • How will his theory influence your future teaching practices?

This assignment supports course learning outcome 1 and student learning objectives 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7

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