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1) Identify the ethical concerns relating to the specific issue or issues. Describe the moral issue in full detail, demonstrate clarity concerning what is to be decided, and discuss the complex context and cross-relationships present relative to the dilemma

2) Identify your core beliefs and positions on the ethical issue or issues. Discuss/analyze in detail your core belief and origins of your core beliefs


Apply alternative ethical perspectives to your perspective and consider the full implications of the application (identify and apply relevant ethical perspectives and concepts to develop alternative solutions and consider the implications of alternate solutions completely).


Core Beliefs: Those fundamental principles
that consciously or unconsciously influence one’s ethical conduct and ethical
thinking. Even when unacknowledged, core beliefs shape one’s responses. Core
beliefs can reflect one’s environment, religion, culture, or training. A person
may or may not choose to act on their core beliefs.

The different theoretical means through which
ethical issues are analyzed, such as ethical theories (e.g., practical, natural
law, virtue) or ethical concepts (e.g., rights, justice, duty).

Complex Context: The sub-parts or
situational conditions of a scenario bring two or more ethical dilemmas
(issues) into the mix/problem/context/ for student identification.

among the issues:
Obvious or subtle connections between/among the sub-parts
or situational conditions of the issues present in a scenario.

Dilemma 1: As a new technologist on an evening shift, you encounter a patient for a chest x-ray who is dirty, appears to have been drinking alcohol, and who is making inappropriate comments and proposals of a sexual nature. The patient has not made any physical contact or gestures and does not appear to be a danger to you. You have a job to do to complete the x-ray, but you are uncomfortable with the situation.

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