I HAVE 5 Questions Also I have the answers but I need some one to help me write that on Excel please

Please use excel to solve these questions, at the end, please submit one excel file.

1. (10 pts) A laser-cutting machine is purchased today for $23,000. There are no maintenance costs for the next 2 years. Maintenance at the end of year 3 is expected to be $2,000, with the subsequent years’ maintenance costs each exceeding the previous year’s by $1,000. An increase in revenues of $14,000 per year is expected. The planning horizon is 6 years. Draw the cash flow diagram.

2. (10 pts) A sum of $1000 is borrowed today. The loan is to be paid off with interest at the end of 3 years with no payments made in between. Calculate the total interest paid using:

(a) Simple interest of 8 percent per year
(b) Compound interest of 8 percent per year

3. (10 pts) You want to withdraw a single sum amount of $6,000 from an account at the end of 7 years. This withdraw will zero out the account. What single sum of money deposited today is required if the account earns 12 percent per year compounded annually? Show your work on excel.
(a) Use the P|F formula directly in Excel.
(b) Use an appropriate Excel function.

4. (10 pts) How long, to the nearest year, does it take an investment at 6 percent compounded annually to (nearly, more or less)
(a) double itself
(b) triple itself

5. (10 pts) Ben deposits $5,000 now into an account that earns 7.5 percent interest compounded annually. He then deposits $1,000 per year at the end of the first and second years. How much will the account contain 10 years after the initial deposit?

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